Walk Route: Dandenongs – Doongalla and Rankin Loop

About 6.6 km total. Rankin Track quite steep.

We had brunch at The Basin, then drove up The Basin – Olinda Road towards Olinda. 

Car near the power substation at (1).  Walk quite level, then the descent starts at  (2).  Doongalla site – upper picnic ground (3) – great place for lunch.

Suggest you walk down the hill to the lower picnic ground at Doongalla; the Stables area. It’s lovely. Then back up to Camelia track, up Rankin Tk, then right onto Channel 10 tk. Re-trace route back up to car (i.e. Zig Zag tk etc).   Click on image below for full size.  Note: some track names may have changed.  Update: some photos at the end, after map.



Fog quickly lifts at the very start. On – on near – Kyeema Track.

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