R + L = J. Then just heat up a bit.

Quick summary of Internet fan theories. No spoilers coz most of this is not in the books :

  • Ned’s Stark had a sister Lyanna. This was all 20+ years before the books and TV show.
  • Lyanna was ‘kidnapped’ by Rhaegar Targaryen, who is Dani’s (late) eldest brother. Not the tosspot who got the golden crown … poured over him.
  • In fact Lyanna eloped with Rhaegar. And had a baby, called Jon. 
  • So, Jon is Dani’s nephew and Ned Stark’s nephew too.
  • Ned took off after them (update: I mean Lyanna & Rhaegar) but she was dying when he caught up. She made him promise to look after her baby, Jon.
  • So Jon Snow is half Stark and half Targaryen, remember that last bit Smile 
  • Melisandre (the Red Witch) – in the TV show etc – had visions of a leader and assumed it was Stannis Baratheon. Nope. It was someone else…
  • Melisandre is on the scene when Jon Snow cops it.
  • Jon Snow, like Dani, should be able to be re-born via fire
  • ==> Melisandre will assist Jon Snow to be re-born via fire in this season

The trailer for this season has hints of a young Ned Stark going into battle. Probably a flashback when he tried to rescue his sister, who was actually engaged to Robert Baratheon!  This started the recent war….

R + L = J  is the meme for Jon Snow’s parents.

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