Where is that photo? – South West Victoria trip

I was asked where some photos I had (in my Apple TV screensaver) were taken.  Most were from the same trip, it turns out. Down the South West of Victoria.

Photo 1


This is Aire River near the Aire River West Campground. More info here.  It’s between Cape Otway and the 12 Apostles. Even more precise it’s between Cape Otway and Johanna Beach.

Photos 2 & 3


Johanna River as it enters the wild sea at Johanna Beach. Also the scary waves at Johanna Beach. The River is a short walk (South east) from the car park at the Johanna Beach camping area.  Between Aire River and 12 Apostles area.

Photo 4


Northern Grampians.  Near the Mt Zero Log Cabins, looking south towards Mt Zero and Mt Stapylton.

Photo 5


The other end of the Grampians. Coming East from Hamilton area towards Dunkeld in the Southern Grampians. One of those is Mt Abrupt, I think.

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