Racecourse – 1950 ground photo and 1945 aerial survey

I’ve been thinking about today’s post (1950 ground level photograph) in the context an earlier aerial survey (1945) as mentioned here  on my blog, then speculating on where the 1950 photo was taken against the 1945 image.

Firstly Rob Medlen’s 1950 image, with mark-up by me (as usual, click on image for full size):

Rob Medlen’s 1950 image – mark up by me



A: “Existing palm”  (text from Rob’s letter)

B: “Kiosk”

C: “Grandstand”

D: Other out building (full details not yet known)


Here is the 1945 aerial survey (source here) marked up with the same legend, plus my speculation as to the (approximate) location of the photographer and the area captured by their image (the pale aqua arrows)

1945 aerial survey (with my speculation of 1950 photo items)


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