About SiC

Welcome! I’m David Sidwell. I am a Technical Writer, IT Technical Consultant, and Trainer.

And this here is my Blog. SiC. The Silicon-Carbon Interface ; Where Computers and People meet. See below on what a Blog is.

I am directly involved with all levels of the client interaction; from pre-sales, to sale, hands-on implementation, development – and teaching – of education classes and post-sales services.

At my main web site you’ll find a great deal more on the assorted Services I can offer, including IT , training and freelance writing.

The site has a complete list of technologies I work in. And there’s my other side, my weblog (blog) – which you are looking at – and my photographs as well.

What is a Blog?

Technically it’s an abbreviation/contraction of Web Logging. My take is that it lets me express myself in a small pieces, written daily – or sometimes many times a day or sometimes nothing for days.

Of course anyone can create their own Blog for free. And they can put their own content up. I myself – just as in real life – steer away for just opinions. It’s also not a ‘dear diary, today I went shopping’ ; as others are and there’s no problem with that.

The main points for me – and this blog – are these:

  • It’s about things that interest me, usually that will mean Technology, Music, Movies and Bushwalking
  • Importantly it uses the pull model, not the push (see below)
  • I’m not really after feedback or opinions, I just enjoy the discovery/thinking/write process

Pull not Push

Let’s start with Push. That is when you ‘force’ the item on the reader. Just as in real life that’s not a great way to win friends and influence people. Even if you think they may be interested. It gets worse on the Internet when it’s so easy to forward an email because you found it interesting. Or other content. You are literally pushing the stuff onto them. Ouch.

So the Pull model is basically about choice. You set up your Blog – or web page – and tell others basically once where it is and what it’s about. If they are interested they can go to it, even subscribe to via software like Google Reader. They pull the content down, if they want it. And no, you don’t write an article to your Blog, then email everyone to say “Hey I just updated my Blog”. That’s push by other means and just – for me at least – as bad.

So having said that, I’m going back to think of more interesting things to write about…. Enjoy SiC!