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Published! Beam me down

Woo hoo! The Age, Green Guide, Livewire section. A piece, by me, on NASA’s uber-cool World Wind software.

Published! Clouds from both sides now

To quote from today’s Age, Livewire section in the Green Guide: “Stimulate your movie-making muse with the vagaries of the weather, writes David Sidwell.” Hey that’s me. And here it is

Published! Crush and burn

The Age, actually the Livewire section of the Green Guide, today published an article of mine about using squashing down digital TV recordings to save disk space. It’s called Crush and Burn and I’m...

Fear and Donuts

Today I was sent a moving poem on child abuse, as written by the 3 year old victim, Sarah. Here is my reply On the train late last week I saw “Sarah” or a...

Reflections upon ANZAC Day 2004

I’ve written a piece called Golden Wisps of Pale Men Available in my main web site’s Freelance Writing section.