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Published! – Memory burn

Backing up your digital photos; not just from the camera but from the hard drive. The Age “Livewire” December 8, 2005

Published! – Attention seekers

Newsfeeds (RSS) are a great way to get the headlines of a web site. The Age “Livewire” December 1, 2005

Published! Putting the squeeze on

Scratch the surface and MP3s and JPEG images have more in common than you might think. As well as informational tags, or metadata, both are compressed or squashed up to save disk space. Also,...

Published! Hard problems, soft solutions

Slightly different this time. The Age contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a piece based on one of their topics; normally I suggest topics to them. Who am I to...

Published! Homing In

A piece in the Age LiveWire section on Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s called Homing In.